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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls - Wizard vs Malthael by superjuan2222226666 Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls - Wizard vs Malthael by superjuan2222226666
well, this is my entry. click twice for full resolution (4608 x 2592)
i know that im most likely not going to win, but i really had fun making this :3, i focused on things that most of the competitors didn´t, like the hair of the wizard, the expresion of the face, the lips(cuz we all love sexy lips xD), the texture of the skin, the eyes :3, a honest and pure-of-heart face, a sexy but elaborated armor, EVEN THE NAILS...
that was because first of all, i like to put my effort on those little details, and second but not less important, because this was my first time doing so many things like a background ( i know it sucks but hey, it was my first time, is not so bad ;) ), the mist (it sucked too :3 ), drawing with so many light spots (i know i had some mistakes with shadows but i had no time to fix them D: ), a realistic-anime-style... etc and I can not compete with people that have been drawing stuff like that for years, thats why i putted all my hope and my efford in things that i can manage to do.
well i studied a little bit of the game in order to make this picture, i turned the arcane hydras to a pocket version of them, like a kind of pet or familiar, but with the same power >:3. I aded some arcane simbols to the arcane torrent, to make them more epic,i made almost hair by hair of the wizard, and i had lots of fun with the lighting of malthael and the wings ;).
hope you like it

like 50-70 hours (?) (it lasted so long because as i said, it was my first time in almost everything, and i did it failing and correcting again and again and again...)

Done in Adobe Photoshop CS5 extended 
and Wacom Bamboo Connect


bueno... esta es mi entrada para el concurso Diablo III reaper of souls. doble click para full resolución (4608 x 2592)
para todo hay una primera vez en la vida, y esta fué mi primera vez en muchos aspectos, como por ejemplo: es la primera vez que dibujo un fondo (yo se que salió horrible pero no estubo nada mal para ser la primera vez ;) ), es la primera vez que trabajo con más de una fuente de luz, es la primera vez que hago niebla (que tambien salio asquerosa tambien xD) es la primera vez que hago una pintura en estilo anime-realista, es la primera vez que hago el pelo hebra por hebra, y muchas otras cosas más.
a pesar de que no salió tan bien como me lo había imaginado en un principio, realmente me divertí añadiendo la textura a la piel, y jugando con cosas nuevas sobre la iluminación y el fondo a punta de prueba y error. estudié un poco el mago para poder hacer este dibujo, convertí las hydras arcanas en una versión mas pequeña, como si se trataran de una mascota o familiar, le añadí unos simbolos arcanos al torrente arcano, y utilicé un libro de magia como objeto principal.
apesar de que se que lo mas probable es que no valla a ganar pero le metí todo mi empeño y me divertí haciendolo, tambien me enfoque en otras cosas que los otros competidores no se enfocaron como los ojos, las expresiones faciales, la cara de bondad (no me gustan las mujeres con cara de zúnga xD) los poros en la piel, las uñas, y muchos otros pequeños detalles.

duración Aprox 50-70 horas (por culpa de que como fué mi primera vez en muchas cosas, la mayoría lo hice a punta de error, borrar, volver a intentar xD)

Hecho en Adobe Photoshop CS5 extended
y Wacom Bamboo connect.
kitty8688theonly Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014
Wow...this is the finished product!? Amazing! This is such marvelous work! The background looks fine to me, but, I guess what do I know. Dx Anyway, wonderful work, you did splendid on the details, from small to big! I can see you worked hard on it.

Good luck to you again. I honestly hope you win and at be recognized for the work you did. :hug:
superjuan2222226666 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
awww thnx xD
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